Style Guide – Ars Longa Journal

Vittore Carpaccio, The Vision of St. Augustine (St. Augustine in his Study), 1502-08. Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, Venice.

Ars Longa follows the Chicago Manual of Style

Article Format and Length

Articles should be submitted by email as a Word Document and should be  no longer than 15,000 words, including image captions and endnotes. 


For your citations, please format them as endnotes.  As we do not require a bibliography, please include a full citation for each source when it is first mentioned, and then in abbreviated form for any further citations.


For shorter quotations (less than 100 words), please use quotations and keep them in the body of the text.  For longer quotations (over 100 words), please use block quotes without quotation marks.


Quotations should be presented in the original language followed by an English translation in parentheses immediately following the text.  Please indicate in the endnotes the source of translation.

Terms and short phrases in foreign languages (i.e. je ne sais quoi)  should similarly have an English translation in parentheses, but there is no need to indicate the source of translation.


All images should be in the form of a JPEG, with a minimum of 150 DPI, and sent in a separate file.  Within the text, images should be labeled as (fig 1), (fig 2), etc. and the files should be titled as Fig 1, Fig 2, etc. 

A list of figures with captions (author, title [in italics], date, repository, additional copyright information, if relevant) should be included at the end of the manuscript document. 

Please note that authors are responsible for securing image rights for online non-profit publication purposes.  We encourage authors to source images from the public domain or open-access institutions to facilitate image rights.

Author biography

Please include a brief biography of yourself (no more than 100 words). If you would like to share links to social media accounts, websites, emails or other contact information, please include these in your bio.

For any questions, please email us at arslongajournal [at]